About Us

Nice Power develop high quality long lasting lithium batteries for high draining devices. Relying on the most up to date and cutting edge lithium battery technology. Nice Power have developed a range of AA and AAA batteries which last up to 10 times as long as alkaline batteries.

In today’s technological age, the average consumer relies on the use of high drain and low powered electronic devices on a daily basis. Despite this our choice of long lasting batteries is extremely limited. Most high street or supermarket retailers rarely stock lithium powered batteries and in the online market it is still hard to find quality and affordable lithium batteries.

Nice Power are at the forefront of battery development and will continue to invest and develop in the future of lithium power. From the signature strong plastic box packaging to their unrivalled investment in R & D Nice Power aims to be the worldwide market leader for consumer product batteries.

Nice Power is a subsidiary of Penghui Energy (Stock Code 30438). Penghui Energy is one of the largest battery manufacturers in Asia with a registered capital of 25 million USD. They have four modern production and research bases in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Zhumadian (China) and Fukui (Japan) covering an area of more than 270,000 square meters, with sales of nearly 120 million USD in 2017. The company’s European branch based in Essex, United Kingdom dispatches thousands of batteries around Europe each year. 

Nice Power are bringing self-developed new high-energy dry batteries and lithium-iron batteries to the entire world, filling the gap in the market for domestic lithium-iron batteries and alleviating the shortcomings of low powered carbon and alkaline batteries.